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Mayor’s Task Force on Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) Equity and Safety

The Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) Task Force was established in March 2023 by Mayor’s Order 2023-046. The Task Force is an advisory body that will research and provide recommendations on the District's ATE program and other moving violation laws, policies, procedures, and practices, including the fine schedule and financial penalties for late payments.

The goal of this work is to mitigate against the potentially inequitable effects of the fine, penalty, and enforcement systems on individuals of varying household incomes while maintaining the public safety effectiveness of ATE and other moving violation programs.

Participating Agencies

The Task Force is made up of nine representatives from the Mayor’s Cabinet or their designee(s):

  • DC Chief Equity Officer (co-chair)
  • The Deputy Mayor for Operations and Infrastructure (co-chair)
  • The Office of the City Administrator
  • The Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice
  • District Department of Transportation Director
  • DC Department of Motor Vehicles Director
  • Department of Public Works Director
  • Metropolitan Police Department Director
  • Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs Director

The Task Force will invite participation from other agencies and offices, the DC Council, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, and other non-governmental organizations as needed.

Upcoming Reports

The Task Force will deliver two reports to the City Administrator:

  1. An initial report by September 30, 2023, that includes:
  •  A list of the Task Force's priorities for research and review
  • A workplan consisting of a timeline of the Task Force's planned activities and meetings
  •  Any initial Task Force recommendations
  • Note: The draft report is currently under review. 
  1. A final report by September 30, 2024, that includes recommendations on changes to the following areas, designed to make ATE and other moving violation programs and their fines, penalty, and enforcement aspects, more equitable:
  • Existing laws, regulations, or policies
  • Other administrative reforms
  • Fines and penalties 
  • Fine and penalty payment methods
  • Any other Task Force recommendations
  • Identifying the resources needed to implement each recommendation

The initial report is below, under Attachments.

Future Meetings

Full Task Force meetings are open to the public. Tentative agendas with call-in details of future meetings will be published as soon as possible.

Past Meetings


For more information, please reach out to [email protected].

Meetings of the Task Force are conducted in accordance with the Open Meetings Act (D.C. Code §§ 2–571 through 2-580). If you have any questions or concerns regarding a Task Force meeting, please contact [email protected] Questions or complaints regarding the Task Force's compliance with the Open Meetings Act may also be addressed to the Office of Open Government at [email protected].